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Our solar solutions

Chantier de conversion de la plateforme Total de La Mède en bioraffinerie

Because we take care of everything: we will talk about what your vision and your situation today (your energy strategy, consumption, and the particularities of your site), manage all stages for the build, design & engineer, start it up and provide maintenance services when it is up and running.

You will have one single one point of contact throughout your plant’s design and construction, and who will oversee electricity production, transmission and distribution. We are one of the handful of operators that can provide this fully integrated service.

Our goal is to deliver on-time projects and with your requirements while you do what you do best.

Premium tailored solutions

Panneaux solaires SunPower Total sur toitures industrielles, Etats-Unis.

We customize all our solutions, have the experience and expertise to tackle any project, and guarantee flawless quality and swift construction worldwide. Our secret is this: we spend as long as we have to discussing your requirements and scoping and sizing your project properly from the start.

This careful planning and the expertise in photovoltaic technology that we have built over the past 45 years enable us to design and deliver bespoke projects as fast as standard ones.

Solid and reliable services

Centrale photovoltaïque de Nanao, Japon

At Total Solar, we can tap into the wealth of experience that the Total group has been building and integrating throughout the energy value chain for the past 100 years and is harnessing in 130 countries today. That is how we deliver solutions that customers can count on, and then back them up with long-term warranties.

We’re in a position to foresee and avoid the many problems that can come up on projects—including utility-scale projects—around the world because we are familiar with the legal and institutional frameworks in numerous countries. We will choose the most appropriate inverters and tracking systems suitable for the environment of your project—for example the SunPower modules that will be powering 5,000 of our service stations around the globe by 2021.

3 good reasons to go solar

Lower and streamline your costs

Solar power costs less than grid power in several countries, so it can help businesses to cut costs (to varying degrees depending on where they operate). And those costs will remain stable because solar power is not connected to fluctuation in oil, gas or coal prices.

Lower your emissions

Switching to solar power is one way of showing that you’re serious about placing sustainable development at the core of your corporate strategy. And it makes business sense: employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders look carefully at these matters when they make choices.

Extract more value from your land and buildings

We can build ground-mounted photovoltaic power stations on your unused land or roof-mounted ones on your production plants, office buildings, retail premises, warehouses or carports, for example. We will size them to make the most of the space you have. That way, you will extract more value from your real estate. And it might have other advantages, too—shielding the sunshine in a parking lot, for example.

Have a question or a project in mind?

Panneaux solaires au Sénégal

Total in the solar industry

Total’s track record leveraging solar technology.

Centrale solaire Sunpower Total, Prieska.

The strength of an integrated group

Total is the world’s fourth-largest major and spans the full solar, oil and gas value chain.

plateforme Coga : pose du I-tube par le navire Alliance ( Technip ) - poste DP ( dynamic positionning ) avec Equipes Technip et Total

Our teams

We look forward to hearing from you, in 130 countries.