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Opérateurs de la centrale solaire Sunpower Total, Prieska.
Solar power solutions

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Panneaux solaires au Sénégal
Total and solar power

More than 40 years’ experience

Centrale solaire Sunpower Total, Prieska
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Total Solar

Total Solar can develop and deliver your solar power solution

Turnkey systems, from concept to commissioning, tailored to your wants and needs.

Centrale solaire Sunpower Total, Prieska

Success stories around the world

A solar power station in Japan, rooftop arrays in France, carports in Nigeria and more.

Panneaux solaires au Sénégal

Total in the solar industry

Total’s track record leveraging solar technology.

Total Solar

Expertise in France

If your project is in France, we can take care of the formalities for you.


Total Solar
Lower your costs
Solar power costs less and is a more reliable source of electricity because it is impervious to fluctuation in the market.
Total Solar
Lower your CO₂ emissions
Switching to solar power sends your customers, employees and investors a powerful message.
Total Solar
Extract more value from your land and buildings
Solar systems turn unused or underused space (rooftops, carports, outlying land, etc.) into cash flow streams and savings.
Total Solar

The highest levels of excellence

Expect a solution that meets the most uncompromising safety and environmental standards.

Total Solar

Contact us

Let’s talk about your project.


1972 Total set up Total Énergie Développement (TED), which engineered its first solar panels.
1982 Total built its research center in Nanterre, near Paris; the solar power market was riding 40% growth.
2011 SunPower, which produces the most powerful modules on the market, joins Total to form a new world leader in the solar industry.
2018 Total Solar is created to produce and sell solar energy to industrial and commercial customers, as well as to the grid.

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